Best Savings Accounts in South Africa 

Apart from receiving interest on savings, there are several advantages to having a savings account. Is the prospect of browsing various online bank websites searching for the most competitive interest rate on a savings account a source of concern? Finding the most extraordinary high-yield savings accounts in South Africa, on the other hand, does not have to be this difficult. Saving money will enable you to save cash for both scheduled and unforeseen costs. Whether you are saving for a specific purpose or for a rainy day, there are three distinct types of savings demands and requirements to consider: 

  • The interest rate at which you are being offered (is it a fixed or variable rate) 
  • Your savings account’s deposit pattern 
  • Savings accounts with easy access 

Bank Table 

Interest rates are partially affected by the current repo rate, which the South African Reserve Bank established, abbreviated SARB or central bank. The repo rate (or repurchase rate) is the interest rate at which the Reserve Bank of South Africa loans money to other South African banks. Financial organizations always charge interest when you take out a loan; similarly, you receive interest on the money you save. You may choose between fixed and variable interest rates; the best option is determined by your circumstances/preferences.  

A smart savings account will provide a high and consistent rate of interest on savings. Additionally, it provides a guaranteed rate of return on funds deposited for the stated investment period, no withdrawal limits, and fast access. Several accounts do not need a minimum balance to begin generating interest on a monthly basis. Which accounts are these for you? And how much interest might you anticipate on your savings in 2022? 

Bank Name of Saving Acc Minimum Deposit Interest Offered 
PostBank Postbank Smart Save R50 3.2% 
RMB Private Bank Money Maximiser R100000 6.7% 
Standard Bank Standard Bank Flexi Advantage Account R1000 7.15 
Old Mutual Old Mutual Flexible Plan R350 per/Month Varies With Your Plan 
NedBank NedBank MyPocket R0 3-5% 
Mercantile Merchantile Call Account R1000 1.65-2.65% 
Investec Investec PrimeSaver R100000 Linked to the prime rate 
Absa  TruSave R50 3.2% 
FNB Savings Account R0 6.05% 
African Bank  MyWorld Savings Pocket R0 6.5% 
Bidvest Bank Grow Account R50 5.5% 
Capitec Global R25 4.5-5.25% 

What Works For You 

Above is a list of the bank accounts that provide the best-fixed deposit rates in South Africa for all types of earners in the country. The minimum initial deposit necessary for each account and the time period for which the money must be held in the account are stated above (if there is a minimum). Keep in mind that you should check not only the competitive prices but also any customer and client testimonials as well because often sites like hellopeter will give you truer insight into the customer experience. You should choose the savings account that best matches your needs and is seen to be the most convenient for your needs among the options supplied by the various banks mentioned above.